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Serving the North and South Carolina

Repairing Chimneys and Fireplaces

No matter how expertly crafted your chimney is, it is likely to need restoration at some point in time. This is because it must constantly stand against elements such as rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures, all of which erode small parts of the masonry away over time. Eventually, as your fireplace begins to crumble in areas, it could develop leaks, rust or a number of other problems. If you suspect your fireplace is in need of service, we can help. Carolina Ductmasters has offered quality chimney repair since 1997. Whether your system is leaking and needs waterproofing, the masonry must be rebuilt in places or you require flue repair and crown repair, our licensed, bonded and insured experts are on the job. Our chimney restoration services will add beauty, safety and functionality back to your home's fireplace, and we never consider the job complete until you do.
We Offer Cleaning Services
In addition to repair services, Carolina Ductmasters provides chimney cleaning. Each time you sit by a roaring fire, the flames are causing creosote, a flammable substance that resembles tar, to rise into the flue and accumulate. Without proper chimney sweeping, creosote can erode the flue and cause serious, dangerous problems. Our professional chimney sweep is educated in the proper ways to clean the system and ensure everyone's safety. We use our knowledge and professional tools to ensure your system is clean, safe and ready for use whenever you get the urge to have a glass of wine or read a book by the fire.
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