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Signs You Need a Chimney Cleaning Before Winter

Before winter hits, it is a good idea to check around your house to see if there is anything you want to fix before the temperature really starts to drop. Since you will likely be using your fireplace during this time of year, you should consider cleaning your chimney before winter. Various signs indicate that a thorough inspection and cleaning are best.

Strange Noises

Are you hearing something coming from your chimney but cannot figure out what it is? It is common for birds and other creatures to get stuck in there or use chimneys to make their nests. You do not want to try to remove animals on your own, so hire a professional.

Extreme Buildup of Soot

A quick visual inspection of the inside of your chimney may reveal a lot of soot in there. Using a glove, run a finger on the surface to see how much soot has built up. If it is greater than 1/8 of an inch, then you should really get the chimney cleaned. Additionally, if you use your fireplace all the time, then you should get regular cleanings regardless of how much soot has accumulated.
With all that soot, you want someone who knows how to clean a chimney safely working for you. Call Carolina Ductmasters at 866-811-3828 to have your chimney inspected and cleaned.