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5 Signs It's Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

You vacuum your carpet, scrub your countertops, and dust your tables and bookshelves to keep your home beautiful and your family members healthy and happy. But how often do you think about the dust and dirt that accumulates out of sight (and, therefore, out of mind) in your home—such as in your air ducts?
If you're like most homeowners, the answer to the above question is probably not often. However, it's just as important to clean your air ducts as it is to dust the surfaces and appliances you can see.
But how can you tell it's time to clean your air ducts when you can't even see them? Below, we list five signs that you should schedule a professional air duct cleaning. And once you clean your ducts, you'll be able to breathe easier, your home will be cleaner, and you'll save money on your energy bill.

1. You Find Mold in Your Home

Mold is more than just a nuisance that can cause hundreds of dollars of home damage. It's also a health hazard, especially if you have small children or household members with respiratory problems. For instance, mold can cause allergy-type symptoms like itchy eyes and sneezing, and it can aggravate conditions like asthma.
While mold is a problem anywhere in your home, it's particularly a problem when it blossoms in your air ducts. Whenever the air conditioner or heater kicks on, it sends air through the ducts and distributes whatever it finds there throughout your home. If you can see mold on the ducts or if you've found mold elsewhere in your home, call a professional to assess and clean the ducts.

2. You Have a Pest Problem

Are rats, possums, and bugs getting into your home, but you can't seem to find their entry point? When the air conditioner starts up, does your home start to smell worse and worse? Shine a flashlight inside one of your vents and see if you notice signs that pests have been there recently, including droppings and nests.
If you find these signs, call a professional duct cleaner immediately. Along with making your home smell worse, some pests spread diseases, so the sooner you can deal with the problem, the better.

3. Your Energy Bill Is Too High

Several issues could underlie a high energy bill: maybe you don't change your air filters regularly or you set the thermostat too low. But if you've already tried eliminating the common culprits by scheduling seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system, repairing any broken parts, and setting your thermostat a little higher, call someone to look at your air ducts. Your ducts may be the culprit.

4. Your Home Smells Musty

No matter how often you vacuum, does your home still have a dusty, dirty smell to it? Does the problem intensify when you turn on the air conditioning? If so, the issue doesn't lie with dust on the carpet or under the beds—it's probably accumulating in the ducts and being blown throughout the house.
Dirty air and a musty smell isn't the only downside of dust in the house: the more the dust blows around the house, the more frequently you have to vacuum, dust, and scrub.

5. You Can See Dust Coming From Your Vents

Depending on how dirty your ducts are, you won't have to look inside them to know it's time for a cleaning. If you see wisps of dust spilling from your vents when the air kicks on, it's more than time to clean your ducts.

Talk to Carolina Ductmasters for Clean Air

If you've noticed one or more of these problems in your home, turn to the professionals. Carolina Ductmasters specializes in duct cleaning across North and South Carolina—call us to schedule your cleaning, or check our blog for more tips on keeping your home's air clean and your family members in top health.